Professional standards are set of principles, obligations, and guidelines to exercise the level of care, diligence, and skill prescribed in the code of practice of a profession. These include understanding the meaning, procedures, and the application of rules and regulation to achieve set objectives, aims, and goals of any profession. While a profession is a disciplined group of individuals who adhere to ethical standards, possess special skills, and knowledge.

Business enterprise is basically categorized into 3 groups, based on sizes and population of workers involved. These include Micro-size Business Enterprise (MBE) fewer than 10; Small-size Business Enterprise (SBE) fewer than 50; and Medium-size Business Enterprise (MsBE) fewer than 250. The category of your business does not really matter, whether it’s fewer than 10 or larger than 250, but knowing the right channel to promote your business, upgrade your standards and become a successful business owner. Therefore, this article encloses 5 secrets to unlock these possibilities, giving you the need to optimize your advertising efforts and strategize for an effective business outcome.

  • The Audience.

In any business, understanding the audience is a factor that determines the progress and outputs, also the numbers of staff/workers in order to function well. Though it is hard to say that a particular product/service does not meet the needs of anyone in a particular location, but it is important to determine patronage before establishing such business/service. Many micro and small business owners do not engage in adequate check on the audience, knowing how they would like the product/service, and understanding campaign strategies before they begin operation. Therefore, it is important to engage in groundwork, knowing how to interact with your audience, and incorporating good customer relations, in order to maximize benefits.

It is true that audience is very important in business, but is also important to value and respect the professional ethics, guidelines, and code of conducts, in order to maintain a professional standard. This includes giving your audience a sense of belonging and safety through the product/service you offer. Leaving the audience to no choice than to invite, advertise and share good news about your product/service, which could bring out optimal business experience.

  • Advertising Strategies.

Advertising is an audio/visual aspect of business marketing communication to promote and/or sell a product, service or idea. It involves giving adequate information about the product, its benefits, and sometimes the amount. In doing this, it is important to strategize on how to capture the right audience, since everything in business falls back to patronage. Therefore, here are 15 proven marketing strategies for an effective product/service advertising that works:

  1. Understanding the nature of your business environment
  2. Use your environment to your advantage
  3. Have budget for SWAG (Stuff We All Get)
  4. Show artistic creativity
  5. Try a jingle if poster, billboard, and handbills will not do
  6. Create attractive business cards
  7. Be historical and law abiding
  8. Employ others to advertise for you
  9. Be flexible and expandable
  10. Be funny yet realistic
  11. Have a great fashion sense and be self-esteem
  12. Participate and sponsor educational programs
  13. Organize interschool competitions
  14. Be creative in promotions and bonus offer
  15. Be sensitive to cultural rites, religious activities, and social events

It is also important to take note of special days, such as Black Friday, Valentine’s Day and other days of a calendar year. Finally, it can also be valuable not to be sentimental about religion, political parties, ethnic groups, and other socioeconomic factors that could limit business progress.

  • Branding and Packaging

Branding is the process of creating a unique identity for a product/service in the mind of consumers, through advertising campaigns. Branding establishes a substantial and distinguished presence in the market that attracts and retains loyal customers. Also create identifiable advertisements based on product/service’s imagery, logo, colours, design, and other customized modifications. Therefore, in creating an incredible branding for a product/service, it is important to study professionals, their packaging strategies, logos, designs, and colour combination in order to inspire one into an amazing outcome.

It is also important to employ the service of a graphic designer, product advertisers, and artist in the choice of colours, branding procedures, and creative ideas. Interestingly, the use of computer today is a progressive innovation, with lots of opportunities to learn anything and everything possible.  As a result, you can engage in thorough study, have enough information to support your creative idea, product, and service, for a responsive business outcome.

  • Advert Follow-up and Feedback.

Many small businesses simply have no idea whether their advertising is actually working, and it has become a major problem in getting results. Advertising follow-up and feedback is a professional strategy to measure responses, know the statistics of the audience and loyal customers. Although online advertising platforms like Google AdWords and Facebook provide you with the extensive statistic related to your adverts and will help you determine what is working and what is not. But everybody cannot focus on online adverts even if we could, there are lots of audiences yet to be familiar with how to use smartphones, computers, and other electronic gadgets effectively.

Therefore, if you’re advertising offline, using posters, handbills, billboards and other offline advertising channels, you need to include an email address or phone number to receive feedback. Also to gain a clearer understanding of how your leads are finding you, what’s working, and maybe the effort is worth the hassle.

  • Keeping Time.

Keeping time is an attitude every business owner should imbibe, it shows one’s commitment, dedication, and efforts. I don’t mean to bore you but if you run a business/company, it is important to consider what you must do in order to achieve success. Although, there are many factors responsible for a successful business experience, and it is important to understand the fiercely competitive and high-stress levels of the business world. So, keeping time will not only help you to overcome the high-stress but to be more productive in the fiercely business competition.

Keeping time is an industry-wide issue and often time overlooked in favour of more business-minded policies. Yet, it determines the success or failure of any organization. So why is timekeeping so important in the running of a business?

  1. To boost productivity for effective income;
  2. To enforce seriousness;
  3. To improves self-esteem;
  4. To creates sense of belonging; and
  5. To enables implementation of professional conducts

In conclusion, for any micro, small, and medium businesses to achieve maximum productivity and incredible outcome, the above-listed strategies should be imbibed. Thank you for your time, stay posted.


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