Going down memory lane, as far back as my undergraduate days, as a fervent online reader, an Internet addict in search of new and updated information to broaden my horizon, the attendant financial burden of the costly Internet subscription from the service providers spurred my quest for a cheaper alternative.

Coincidentally, as I was surfing the Web in my characteristic self, I stumbled on an advert for a cheaper MTN data. At first, I shrugged off the enticing gimmick because it sounded too good to be true. Back then, MTN direct subscription went as high as #3500 per GB and here is this advert posting #1200 for the same data volume. Almost 55% reduction! I exclaimed.

I moved on like I wasn’t interested yet my instinct kept telling me to give it a trial. After contemplating on the cost-benefit analysis of it, I decided to follow my instinct. Surprisingly, my instinct didn’t fail. My number was credited with data almost immediately the seller confirmed the receipt of my payment. This was the game changer!

My curiosity was heightened due to the fact that I got to know that the service provider was aware of the cheaper data bundles afterall. There is a dedicated service code to dial to check one’s data balance… so MTN is even aware? I asked curiously.

I contacted the seller to kindly put me through on how to start the business myself. Thankfully, he was welcoming and helpful. He would tell me to partner with him first, in order to build a formidable customers data base due to the issue of validity. Back then, the validity of the seller is the same as that of the buyer and it was just 30 days! So to be on a safer’s side, I needed to get some couple of customers standby in order to exhaust the sales of my data within a day or two to give my customers a full month validity period.

 After thorough deliberation, I accepted the offer. I maximised fully the power of advertisement on social media, printed some mini handbills, one-on-one advert to build an ample team of loyal customers. I took the business diligently that everyone around me knew I sell data.

Just like every human endeavour, it wasn’t a walk in the park. The main challenge is getting people to trust my business. Due to the high level of mistrust from unscrupulous online scammers, I found it pretty difficult to convince them I was real afterall. The procedure was that they must send the data payment to my account first before allocating the data to them. With consistency, unflinching resolve to uphold the temple of integrity, reliability and trust, I surmounted. Most of my customers are online but they have implicit trust and confidence in my business, they would later refer their families and loved ones to patronise me.

After few months of partnership with my benefactor, I surmounted the courage to be independent as I had built enough customers to start my own. I later added 9mobile data subscription to broaden my customer base. I intensified my efforts in making use of any available opportunity to win more customers. To the Glory of God, I can now also boost of multiple partners (resellers) under my watch.

The experience so far has been worth the while. However, I have a greater vision of becoming an official MTN and 9mobile data partner. The vision is to build a formidable brand that will be everly ready to serve as a top spot for data subscription.

U can’t just be left out… Be the next to benefit from this Best Offer!

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1 1GB N 600 90 Days
2 2GB N 1,150 90 Days
3 3GB N 1,700 90 Days
4 4GB N 2,300 90 Days

Etisalat/9mobile DATA:

1 1GB N 700 30 Days
2 2GB N 1,400 30 Days
3 3GB N 2,050 30 Days
4 5GB N 3,400 30 Days

Please Note: Recharge Card Payment Attracts Additional N100

You can pay to this accounts via cash or online transfer

ACCOUNT NAME Aina Oluwatosin Titilope
SKYE BANK 2020526961   (Savings)
DIAMOND BANK 0085097538   (Savings)
GT BANK 0236856757   (Savings)
FIRST BANK 3116913297   (Savings)

You can WhatsApp me 07031367603 or call me on 07087456622 or 08091349584

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Keep thriving,

Tosin cares.