Art and crafts are two different practices with similarities in procedures, processes, and products. According to Stephen Davies, in his definition of art, he described art “as a vehicle for the communication/expression of ideas, feelings, and emotions, through the means to appreciating and exploring formal ‘elements’ of representation.” While craft is been described as an activity involving skill in making things by hand.

Therefore, either we call it art or craft, they both share the same identity but different approaches as the case may be. They are an important aspect of life that has metamorphosed into fashion/ modelling, professional makeup/makeover, technology and lots more. And today, art is generally accepted as the application and expression of human creative imaginations and skills, in a visual and non-visual form such as painting, dance/drama, sculpture, and production of aesthetic works.

This is why we are here… to deliver professional creativity as we handle and execute your creative works. Our focus is on visual art, and specifically on prints (relief, intaglio, and digital), crafts, drawing/sketches, illustrations, creative painting, and decorative arts.

We are a group of professional artists that understands the principles and elements of art. We have what it takes to helping/working with you. We are flexible in price but precise in creativity… (Opened to reasonable negotiations).

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