The importance of events in human history is best preserved and expressed using illustrations, especially the use of photographs. Photography plays a major role in human lives, and it is almost impossible to ignore during a significant time in life. The importance of photographs is exhibited as we observe/celebrate special days, birthdays, marriages, anniversaries, holidays and other ceremonial occasions.

This is because, photographs are our personal story, a timeline of our lives, filled with faces and places that we love and want to remember for a long time. No wonder, an American photography, expressed that “when words become unclear, he focuses on photographs and when images become inadequate, he becomes content with silence. But in Alfred Stieglitz’s opinion, “photography is a reality that is so subtle and becomes more real than reality.”

That is why the very essence of photography is highly considered for adequate services here at bravartech. And we make sure that your crave for quality photographs are meet. Our team are equipped with sophisticated cameras, software and plugins, to deliver clear illustrative photographs, photo books, and creative packages that suit your ceremony.

Bravartech can achieve your wedding photographs and other occasions with package ranging from N65,000, (sixty-five thousand naira) and N450,000, (four hundred and fifty thousand naira).
The package will include complete illustrations of the occasion/wedding including pre-wedding shoot.
The output would be:


  • 12 x 24 size photo-book
  • Soft copy of pictures
  • Picture slide for mobile, PC, and television (with favourite songs)
  • 2 (two) large frames (Depending on the price/package)
  • A reception banner
  • Reception lighting and/or light effects

Different wedding packages are available N80,000 t0 N350,000. We can also create a customized package for you, based on your budget and specification with a whole range of additional services and branding.

Full Portrait sessions are also available, ranging from N70,000, which could be Couple Sessions, Children sessions, Family Sessions, and other photo shoots.

For a complete listing of packages, pricing of other services and rates, please fill out the contact me form with the necessary info and we’ll be in touch with you soon, with a custom quote.

We look forward to answering all your questions regarding our services.


Please note, our team are in Benin, Delta, and Lagos. Jobs outside these locations will require additional travel expenses (for transportation and lodging).