Hi! Oluwafemi Kayode in my name, the team leader of bravartech, from Ondo State, the western part of Nigeria. I am an entrepreneur, proficient printmaker, and visual artist. I also teach art/crafts with the knowledge of EYFS, WAEC, IGCSE curricular and studio experience. I have a Bachelor’s degree in fine and applied arts and a Master’s degree in printmaking.

I have participated in a series of personal and group exhibitions, including the Fulbright’s American College Fair Workshop and Art Exhibition, 2016. My Works has gone far and wide, projecting simplicity, elegance and illustrative representation of ideas.

My teaching and studio’s experiences have contributed to a wide range of creative works, projects handling, conceptualization, design, production, and packaging. Area of specialization includes creative arts, web/graphic design, printmaking, portraiture, crafts, and paper works.

I operate as a professional with the absolute understanding of time management, business ethics, and professionalism. I’m a team player who believes in diversity, creativity, and teamwork. A workaholic with a free spirit. I can work under pressure, with limited time and still deliver absolute quality.

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