Launched in 2016 by Oluwafemi Desmond Kayode, a proficient visual artist, whose area of specialization includes; graphic/web design, conceptualization, printing, digital marketing, packaging/branding, SEO optimization, expressive/decorative arts and crafts. Whose undying passion for creativity, innovation, and entrepreneur led to the creation of Bravartech.

This has become a platform for amazing creativity involving a team of carefully selected professionals from different fields, towards making a lasting impact. The team include Simeon Michael, a seasoned graphic designer;  Christiana Wemimo, an online/offline content writer/marketer; and Adewale Ayodele, a professional photographer.

With this team, Bravartech is loaded to make your dreams work, projects creative ideas, and represent your imaginations with illustrative designs, photographs and all-round creativity… Opened to individuals, group, and organization.

At Bravartech, the core motivation is to equip creative individuals, small/medium or large business owners, privately owned or government organization, and entrepreneurs with the right tools to communicate, advertise and exhibits their interests, products, and services in order to make their businesses and individual lives a success. Giving you (the client/user) the right information at the right time, with excellent follow-up/feedback on ways/how to serve your better.

Include; Classic designs, Digital branding/Packaging, Logo creation, Photography, Conceptualization, Creative Arts/Crafts, Brochure, Magazine design, Digital printing, Content writing/marketing, SEO Optimization, Portrait Painting and Exhibition.

In addition to our services, we are powered to showcase skills and creativity of any individuals with special abilities in local art/crafts, fashion, hair making and related vocation, so as to motivates their potentials and enhance their productivity towards becoming your own boss.

We provide a platform to be part of the team as well as working with/for us. Also to update you via our blog with thousands of premium quality information on business, art, photography, design, and personal development, capable to streamline your business and personality for utmost productivity (only for registered user).

Should you have business ideas or in need of any of our services? Please, feel free to contact us at: or

On          &     :   (+234) 813 236 5365.

You can also contact us through our social media platform… just search for bravartech, we’ll be happy to speak/chat with you.