Bravartech was launched in 2016 by Oluwafemi Kayode, a proficient visual artist, who has acquired certificates, experiences, professional ethics in the field of art. He is an enthusiastic innovator, whose dream has always being to create a channel through which information can be shared, as well as to exhibit creative works of art, design, and crafts.

His dreams and aspiration of becoming his own boss led to the creation of bravartech in 2016. Although, Bravartech was initially a blog, but according to Colin Powella dream does not become a reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work.”  Today, bravartech has metamorphosed into a platform, involving a team of professionals with different skills and abilities in visual arts.

A combination of creative professionals, human and material resources to create the bigger image beyond their client’s imagination. Bravarect is open for business, partnership, and exhibition. Also available for creative individuals and those who would learn to be creative, enhance thier creativities, and becoming an entreprenuer.

Bravartech’s team include Simeon Michael, graphic designer; Christiana Wemimo, SEO specialist, content writer/marketer; Ayodele Adewale, an experienced photographer/esthetic creator; Nnamdi Uzomba, an expert in beauticology, make-up/make-over; and Oluwafemi Kayode, the team leader. Together we are bravartech, we are creative thinkers and we are visual artists.

Our Mission

  • To equip creative individuals, small/medium business owners, privately owned or government organization, and entrepreneurs with the right tools to communicate, advertise and exhibits their interests, products, and services.
  • To provide up-to-date information and relevant resources that are capable to transform business ideas and enhance personalities.
  • To create a lasting image of unique creativity, blend with professionalism across our products and services.
  • To you (our client/user) the right information at the right time, with excellent follow-up/feedback on ways/how to serve your better.

Classic designs, Digital branding/Packaging, Illustrative Photography, Logo creation, Conceptualization, Creative Arts/Crafts, Brochure, Magazine design, Digital printing, Content writing/marketing, SEO Optimization, Portraiture, and Exhibition.

In addition to our services, we are powered to showcase skills and creativity of any individuals with special abilities in local art/crafts, fashion, hair making and related vocation, so as to motivates them, market their potentials and enhance their productivity.

Should you have business ideas or in need of any of our services? Please, feel free to contact us at: or

On          &     :   (+234) 813 236 5365.

You can also contact us through our social media platform… just search for bravartech, we’ll be happy to speak/chat with you.