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Work/Write for Us

The Bravartech Blog accepts article submissions from designers, content writers, and bloggers who are looking for writing opportunities. Whether you would like to publish a single article or whether you would like to join our writing team with regular contributions, we are open to possibilities.

Things to know about working/writing for us:

The primary topics covered on the blog include art, photography, web and graphic design, branding, freelancing, blogging, and marketing.

We do not publish paid or sponsored content.

Not all article submitted are accepted. Bravartech reserve the right to decline article/job submissions, and being particular about what is published. However, if your submitted article/job is not published, you are free to use it somewhere else.

Articles may be edited/formatted ( the grammar, spelling and visuals). If your lingua franca is not English, don’t worry, Bravartech can help translate your contents without losing it meaning.

Should you have a post/article to submit, these are the guidelines to be followed:

  1. Format: HTML, text, or Word (doc or docx)
  2. Plagiarism: submitted articles must be original and cannot be published anywhere else, and, of course, they cannot be plagiarized.
  3. Unique Contents: Bravartech does not want to publish an article if similar articles have been published on a number of different websites.
  4. Illustrations: Images are good for effective communication, please include them where necessary.  These images should be 725×380 pixel (in most cases) and they could be optimized if possible.
  5. Image Format: .jpg or .png  and related formats for web.


Please include a brief author’s biography at the end of your article. The biography could include links to your website and/or to your social network profiles. Bravartech encourages writers to include a link to their Google+ profile to participate in Google’s authorship program.

If you have an article that you would like to submit, please contact us. Or, if you would like to discuss possible topics before writing, please email us with your ideas via or

In addition to articles and tutorials, we also publish free resources for our readers (like designs, crafts, creative art practices, photographs, and lots more). If you have a resource that you would like to share with our readers please let us know.